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Go Pooja

Homam pooja

Gopooja is usually performed to remind about the importance on the role of cow that is often symbolised as mother plays in everyone's life.

Many consider this as an opportunity to thank and appreciate the role she plays in our life.

Gopooja is usually performed during the Tamil month of Thai. It is believed that performing Gopooja helps to remove poverty and bring in prosperity and well being.

Also, it is believed that almost 36 divine beings have taken their abode in cow and that cows need to be treated with respect and care and no efforts should be taken to harm the same.

Dampathi Pooja


Dampathi Pooja is for a husband and wife together as a couple. The Pooja is performed assuming that the dampathi's take the form of Shiva and Sakthi.

The Pooja is performed as a method to show our respect towards these couple.The couple is made to comfortably sit on chair and Pooja begins by washing feet of these couple.

You need to do a pradhikshana around the couple assuming that they hold supreme powers during the course of Pooja.

Also, couple called for Pooja is presented with gift or any other items they are in need of.

Kannika Pooja


This is the period of celebration for most women in family. A young girl is called on and worshipped. Kannika Pooja usually happens during the Navrathri season and most family observe Kannika Pooja on almost all the nine days.

The young girl’s ankle and feet is smeared with red vermillion coloured paste. Kannika called for Pooja is presented with new clothes and food. The other members in family should join for food only after the young girl has been offered food and other servings.

Sumangali Pooja


As the name suggests, Sumangali Pooja is done to seek blessings from ancestral woman in family. Sumangali is usually considered as an incarnation of goddess Saraswathi and Durga. Different kind of traditions and custom are followed based on policies followed by family and all of these policies need to be taken to account before going ahead with Sumangali Pooja.

Usually, the number of Sumangalis invited to attend Pooja range between 3, 5 7 or 9. The count is entirely based on the number of married woman available in family. Also, there is a practice to invite Sumangalis from outside so as to balance count.

Pooja begins once the entire member of family assembles and every family member is bound to invoke blessings from these Sumangalis so as to have a prosperous life ahead. Usually every married woman strictly follows Sumangali Pooja so as to ensure long life of their partner.