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Astrology could be described as the mother of all sciences

concept of astrology

The concept of astrology has always inspired every living being. In spite of the beliefs and non beliefs many find astrology as a term that fills in anxiety and excitement. But on a closer check, astrology could be defined as the study of patterns and relationships that makes up the entire life of an individual.

Understanding the term 'Astrology'

In general terms, astrology offers different meaning to each individual. Some believes it to be a tool that offers consistent information about past and future. There are other groups of people who believe astrology to be a language that helps to understand the different kind of energies that make up the entire universe. Keeping the general beliefs aside astrology is a branch of metaphysics and provides an understanding about planets in motion of every individual. In other terms 'astrology could be described as the mother of all sciences'.

Human beings do really hold close relation with stars and planets. In the early days, the positioning of stars and planets, along with movement of Sun and Moon were used to track time. In a similar fashion these planets along with sun and moon do play an important role in every individual's life.

Connection between planets and your life

Before going ahead with astrology, it is important to understand the relation between these planets and your life. A birth chart is prepared based on the movement of planets at the time of your birth. A proper birth chart helps to reveal struggles and gifts awaiting you in this lifetime, also offering a better understanding about your personality and further insights about your life. So, basically astrology is about garnishing you with better information about you and your lifestyle than your future.

Astrologers function as a link between learning your planets cycle and assist you to gain better insights and knowledge about your life. Many a times they can help to put you in the right track so as to fulfill your ultimate purpose of coming into this world.

As the quote in Bhagavad Gita goes "Karmanye-adhikari" which means "everyone has a right to act and do duties".

What we offer?

We are a team of astrology consultants and offer our clients with solution to any kind of troubles bothering their life. We are paired with some of the best and famous astrologers from around the world. On the whole, our aim is to ensure that clients who approach us for astrological solution gain the best services. We have a database of world famous astrologers who are licensed, trained and hold expertise and experience in astrology.

Clients can visit our website to gain better understanding about our team. The site is updated on a regular basis and contains information about astrologers teamed with us. Once you are done with it, you can go ahead with booking our services and our support team will ensure that you get in touch with our team at your convenient timings. As we function as a pool that connects astrologers from around the world visiting these astrologers to understand about problems may not be a feasible solution. To overcome this dilemma, we offer our clients with either video conferencing or telephone conversation.

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Other services

Feng Shui: the color of wall paint, placing of a showcase object, painting or an antique piece can create a huge impact in you. This can be better understood through Feng Shui. Although, there are lots of books and reference materials about the same, getting to know about Feng Shui from an expert could make lot of difference. Book our Feng Shui expert services so as to ensure happiness always.
Vastu: every building has to follow a unique pattern of construction so as to ensure physical and mental well being of residents. Our Vastu consultants will help you out with building plans and also instruct remedial measures and Pooja to be performed before going ahead with construction.
Numerology: your name plays an important role in ensuring success and failure in your life. The numbers related with each alphabet in your name can affect your positively or negatively. To overcome this, our team of numerology specialists will work on your name and bring out solutions so as to ensure success in your life.
Homam: Homam plays an important role in everyone's life. If beliefs are to be taken to account, there is a need to perform Homam in your residence and office spaces so as to ensure harmony and escape negative energy.
Horoscope: Horoscopes are usually based on the twelve sun signs generally termed as Zodiac sign. We offer our clients with better understanding and predictions after thoroughly studying your horoscope and the placing of planets.
Pooja (kasi and rameswaram): We have successfully roped in famous priests and sanyasis in kasi and rameswaram. Our team will work towards ensuring that any special Pooja that needs to be done so as to encourage well being of you and your family shall be performed with immense care and dedication.
Dhaanam: There is no greater pleasure in life than providing offers to people in need. Our team is connected with old age homes and orphanages spread across the country. If your criterion is Dhaanam, then you can hire our services as we work towards ensuring that your offerings reach the right hands possible.
Doshas and effective remedial measure: planets play an important role in every individual's life. Positioning of these planets may sometimes do well and at other times it may even affect you negatively. We have a team of experts who work towards finding Doshas by analyzing your birth chart. Once this is done, they also advice you about the remedial measures to be conceived so as to escape negative effects.
Yanthram: your house, business or office building holds high chances to receive negative energy. In such cases, this energy can work towards hindering your growth. This is when Yanthram can help you out. Yanthram experts associated with us will work towards performing appropriate Pooja on your behalf. Yanthram collected from us need to be kept in appropriate place as instructed by experts and this will work towards minimizing the effect of negative energy in your life.
Tarot reading: every individual living in this world is destined to achieve something in their life. Tarot reading is an ideal method to find out what exactly is your purpose of coming into life and what life has in store for you. Our tarot reading experts will work towards making you realize the importance and purpose of your life based on that cards you pick.
Prasnam and pariharams: troubled with job or financial circumstances. In such cases Prasnam and pariharams are the best solution to your need. Our team of astrology experts works towards providing you with better solution to problems hovering in your life.